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 Sep 1 2016  
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Theme/Style for KDE 4.0

Score 74%



Homepage:  Link
Blog:  Link
Downloads:  65940
Submitted:  May 26 2007
Updated:  Feb 8 2010


Skulpture is a GUI style addon for KDE programs. It features a classical three dimensional artwork with shadows and smooth gradients to enhance the visual experience.

Skulpture has been designed to be light and easy on eyes; many distracting borders or graphical elements have been removed or replaced by simpler artwork. See NOTES and README for additional information.

Skulpture is released as source code under the GNU GPL version 3 license; see INSTALL for installation instructions and COPYING for additional information.

Gentoo build kindly provided by Franz Fellner, Thanks! For binary packages, please check with your distribution.


New in 0.2.4:

This version fixes two crashes and other bugs visible with KDE 4.4. Updating is recommended.

* fixed possible crash when destroying MDI windows
* fixed possible crash when destroying menus
* fixed Tab key handling in Konversation
* fixed detection of default font (KDE 4.4)
* fixed menu item rectangle and input handler (Qt 4.6)
* fixed text rendering in vertical ProgressBar
* fixed frame in "east" TabWidget (Qt 4.6)
* fixed workaround for KIntNumInput size bug (KDE 4.4)
* fixed MDI window title placement with RTL layouts
* fixed ToolBar icon size to respect KDE setting (KDE 4.4)
* fixed single click mode to respect KDE setting (KDE 4.4)
* fixed vertical centering regressions (Qt 4.6.1)
* fixed vertical alignment of labels in FormLayout (Qt 4.6.2)
* fixed flashing of ScrollBar in PlacesPanel
* fixed widget flags in KWin window decoration client
* fixed menubar margin for improved full-screen usability
* fixed "Alternate Background" color in Skulpture color schemes
* fixed build warnings (KDE 4.3)
* fixed build failure with Qt 4.1

See NEWS for changes in previous versions.

SUSE(0.2.4 - openSUSE 11.4 - 12.1 - 12.2)
Gentoo(0.2.4 - Gentoo ebuild)
Source(Skulpture home page - unstable snapshots)
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 by lzfy on: Apr 18 2008
Score 50%

My favorite theme for KDE4. Thank you for creating it :)

lzfy.deviantart.com || lzfy.nl
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 Re: :)

 by skulptor on: Apr 19 2008
Score 50%

Thanks lzfy :) Let me know if something is missing.

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 by muj on: Apr 23 2008
Score 50%

This one is classic! Keep up the good work

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 Keep it up!

 by logixoul on: May 4 2008
Score 50%

Great use of gradients, and you certainly know how to make plain bevels look good ;)
Clearly you've put a lot of work into polish, and I find Skulpture easier on the eyes than Plastik, QtCurve, Polyester, or even Oxygen.

some problems:
- the deco assumes there's only a menu button on the left. try KDecoration::buttonsLeftWidth()
- east/west tabs don't work
- arrows are weird. see this pic -> http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/5784/arrowsdh9.png
- scrollbar buttons are covered by the handle.. did you intend this? it's disturbing
- arrow is 1px misaligned in comboboxes... toolbar handles are ugly... and other even smaller stuff ;)

Looking forward to some progress. Cheers!

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 Re: Keep it up!

 by skulptor on: May 5 2008
Score 50%

Hello logixoul,

thanks for your detailed problem report, this is how I like feedback :)

  • The button reordering problem in the window decoration client has been fixed in snapshot, so this will be available with the next release, hopefully out this week. Please visit the Skulpture homepage and give some feedback about the new buttons, I did not get any so far. If you cannot install from source, give feedback on screenshots http://skulpture.maxiom.de/playground/Bildschirmfoto5.png and http://skulpture.maxiom.de/playground/Bildschirmfoto7.png

  • Vertical tabs are not implemented yet (see BUGS), they "work" though. Which apps use them?

  • There is a current problem with arrows, their size depends on the font size, instead of the passed rectangle size. Arrow positioning in tool buttons has not been addressed yet either; this has been on my list since version 0.0.4. Is anything else wired with arrows?

  • Scrollbar handles covering arrow buttons is intended, and can be switched off with System Settings in the style configuration page.

  • About the combobox: make a screen grab, please! It looks okay with my font setup.

  • Regarding toolbar handles: I have not yet found a design for them, any suggestion is appreciated.

  • I would really like to hear about the other smaller stuff you found; I know Skulpture is not good yet, but if you help me spotting the remaining places which need improvement, you would do me a favour.


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     64 bit

     by Rukusx7 on: May 5 2008
    Score 50%

    can this be made to work on my 64 bit kubuntu installation?

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     Re: 64 bit

     by skulptor on: May 5 2008
    Score 50%

    Sure Rukusx7, it should work. Which message do you get when you type

    sh install.sh

    from source directory? You need packages "kdebase-workspace-dev", "kdelibs5-dev", and "cmake" to install it.

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     Loving it

     by lucher on: May 6 2008
    Score 50%

    Since some weeks I use this style - and I am loving it.

    There is one issue that appears sometimes. When the layout is changing (and at other occasions - it happens more or less randomly) flickering appears. I also have the impresion that redrawing is slower than in the Oxygen style.

    Anyways, I love it - dropped Oxygen for now (and from what I have seen in 4.1alpha1, Oxygen did not improve much).

    Thanks a lot!

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     Re: Loving it

     by skulptor on: May 6 2008
    Score 50%

    Hi lucher, it's nice to read your comments, because they show the progress Skulpture is making (from "very inconsistent" to "I am loving it" ;)

    Regarding the speed: Skulpture does indeed trade some speed for its look, especially when it comes to scrolling performance. There are also many places where caching is not implemented yet; this will be improved in future versions.

    Speaking of flicker, there should not be any, because Qt double buffers the rendering. You may try upgrading to the new Qt 4.4, which has reduced flickering even when the size/layout changes.

    If you spot remaining flicker, please give more details if possible.


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     Re: Re: Loving it

     by lucher on: May 9 2008
    Score 50%

    Yeah, I believe I have seen one of the very first screenshots which happened to look like yet-another-clone-of-plastik-clone. At least I was afraid of another one. Truly, I was mistaken. maybe it is not a good choice to show an early state instead of a mock-up, but, well yes - now it is CONSISTENT!

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     by eniok on: May 8 2008
    Score 50%

    Simply the best . Thank you for your work.

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     Re: Skulpture

     by skulptor on: May 28 2008
    Score 50%

    Sorry eniok, for the late reply, but I am very glad to hear that you like it :) Thanks!

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