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 Aug 27 2016  
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Theme/Style for KDE 3.2 +

Score 74%



Link:  http://
Downloads:  25639
Submitted:  Mar 4 2006
Updated:  Feb 8 2007


Serenity is a soft and quiet theme to ease your mind, with a lot of options to make the Serenity yours.

All I wanted to do was to remove as many lines as possible from the widgets in order to avoid the "recursive frames effect" in Konqueror. I did just a little more. ;-) And I also did my best to support dark colorschemes.

To install from sources, see INSTALL file in the archive.


RPM packages updated.

- Bugfix for KDM.

- Configuration dialogs re-designed to be lighter i.e. faster to render.
- All the colorschemes I ever made for Serenity (25) are now included.

1.7 Style:
- The character used in the password entry boxes in now a big dot instead of the asterisk.
- Scrollbars and sliders do not sink under a mouse click any more.
- Tabbar improved with new gradients and new colors. Four styles are now available for both the active and inactive tabs.
- Tabs are a bit less busy. They now only change of color under the mouse.
- Menubar slightly changed with new gradients and new colors. Six styles are now available.
- Gradient menubars are now a bit less busy too.
- Textboxes (which include also editable comboboxes and spinwidgets) can now be highlighted when they have the focus. (That's more visible than only the blinking cursor.)
- The popup sub-menu delay can now be raised up to 1 sec. (That gives you the time to *feel* you have to click to let a sub-menu appear.)
- Serenity now has its own brightness routines so that you can have white buttons. (Still doesn't work perfectly with black buttons.)
- The frames in Kontact are back. (Grumble, grumble...)

1.7 Decoration:
- Partial re-design of the configuration dialog to give you a better control over the colors of the buttons and their symbols. You can even set the power of the eventual color mixes used.
- You can now also set the color of the buttons when pressed.
- The standard highlight color is now available for both the hovered and activated buttons.
- Four titlebar style are now available: No background, solid background (both as previously), solid top and softer edge.
- The windec also got brightness routines similar to the ones of the style so that the buttons all look the same.

SUSE(My RPM for OpenSuSE 10.1)
SUSE(RPM for SUSE 9.3, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2)
Gentoo(ebuild file)
(Mirror site)
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 Quick fix for Krita

 by Maxilys on: Apr 12 2006
Score 50%

Like everybody, I downloaded the last KOffice and I discovered some tiny problems with Krita 1.5.0. I don't know what "they" did to Krita but Serenity started to do strange things with the toolbuttons. Serenity also didn't cope well with the mini-tabs. All this is now fixed.

There are also some little changes I've made since last release. (Note that I didn't really change the version number. It wasn't worth while.)

(c) MXLS(r)(tm) (Patent pending)
We're living in a free world, ain't we?

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 by bonafide on: Apr 14 2006
Score 50%

Holy Polaris, this looks so great... except for the menus (not the menubar, whose beauty blew me away). They are exactly the same as in Plastik. Do you plan on making the menus more "serenity"?

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 Re: Stunning!

 by Maxilys on: Apr 15 2006
Score 50%

Thank you. I like the word "stunning". ;-)

As for the menus, I've made some subtle changes to "serenitify" them: reduced mouseover frame with round corners. (Next release.) That's a little more Serenity and a little less Plastik. But there isn't much more I can do. If the menus drop down parts all look the same that's because of some hard limits within Qt/KDE.

But don't let all this stop you. If you have some ideas, explain and I'll tell you why I can't do it. ;-) (Writing a style is very frustrating.)

(c) MXLS(r)(tm) (Patent pending)
We're living in a free world, ain't we?

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 Re: Re: Stunning!

 by bonafide on: Apr 17 2006
Score 50%

sad to read that :(

but you could at least remove the menu-borders and -seperators. This gotta be possible

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 The borders

 by Maxilys on: Apr 18 2006
Score 50%

The answer is simple: Usability. If you totally remove the borders, menus and sub-menu tend to mix in a uniform area with no head and no tail.

I tried various things (a lot!) while writing this post and I came back to what Serenity already does. The mix of colors used for the popup borders is just right. (I agree with myself.) ;-)

I also agree with you: What went through my mind when I decided to keep these separators? (Habit, probably.)

Something has already been done. Once again for usability reasons I couldn't remove them but I made them less visible... and different!

(c) MXLS(r)(tm) (Patent pending)
We're living in a free world, ain't we?

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 Great !

 by gourdin on: Apr 25 2006
Score 50%

this style is just great

Thanks a lot for your work

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 by KTheorem on: Apr 25 2006
Score 50%

I love this style. It fits in perfectly with my desktop and manages to look both soft and defined at the same time (something I haven't seen done well before).

The ability to change the mouseover color for buttons really makes the style stand out and mesh with non-single-color backgrounds and color themes. I wish more styles included that feature.

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 great work, thanks.

 by morgenrot on: Apr 25 2006
Score 50%

I noticed you have still the mousover effect for the tabs in your todo list. The secrets solution is easier as you think:
just unset your hoverWidget in the move event ;).

Now my wishlist :-P

The default checkListIndicators and checkListExclusiveIndicators are looking quite ugly. I wonder why everyone ignores them.
Can you make it better?

Smoother scrolling is nice! I mean not a smoothscrolling which scrolls pixel for pixel but something where one can just follow the scrolling.
You can filter here the QScrollView events and do some time shifted scrollBy() triggered by the wheel event.
Unfortunately this will not work for kate :-(

A transparent rubberband. This seems not to be so easy but I believe its possible.

Get rid of the (background) flicker in konqs statusbar. For this you have to set back the fore- and backgroundcolor on the PaletteChange event.

Your radioButtons need more love. Why don't you paint a nice one in gimp and use it as a pixmap? The radio- and checkbuttons are cached internaly by qt
so every state will be only drawn once.
A trick to archive a nice antialiased look in khtml: draw them once in the paint event and return false. So you will have your complete pixmap in khtml and
qt can draw its masked one on top on it.

I found one crash in kcmshell display -> Monitor-Gamma. To fix this you can change the static_cast to dynamic_cast at line 4940 and return false if the groupbox does not exist.

If you're interested, here is a screenshot of an older version of a style I working on. And as you already mentioned some posts obove, working on styles is truly frustrating
and I can't say when it will be ready.

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 Re: great work, thanks.

 by Maxilys on: Apr 26 2006
Score 50%

Sorry but the hover effect on toolbox tab is really FUBAR. I've tried a lot of things a long time ago. Your proposal helps a little but there are still "collateral damages". The hover effect works fine... until you click on a tab. Tabs get redrawn with an hover effect set (almost) at random. The problem is within Qt which has "difficulties" with stacked widgets. I'll find a solution one day, but not today.

Now, your wishlist:

1. I don't know why. That's probably because those checkListIndicators are very rare. I'll take care of them for the next release. To draw them like regular checkboxes/radiobuttons isn't the optimal solution. (I already tried and undid it.)

2. I need to learn a bit more about Qt to do this. I would however use the unused right button to trigger the "auto-scroll". I keep this idea in mind. That could be nice.

3. A transparent rubberband is very easy to implement. I already made it and there wasn't even a speed problem as I expected. The problem is that it doesn't look nice. Instead of a transparent colored rectangle, what we get is a rectangle where all the colors are inverted. Plain ugly. We need a more complex rasterOp than what Qt has to offer.

4. Thank you for your hint. I totally fixed the stupid behavior of Konqueror's statusbar. (The fix is implemented in the new release.)

5. The radiobuttons aren't that ugly! I know they'd need a little more antialiasing and I have an idea in order to improve them... but it need some time (a lot!) to go down from my mind to my fingers. My todo list is a LIFO stack. ;-)

The stupid bug in kcmshell display is fixed. (See my other post.)

Finally, I looked at your style and I kinda like it. I love the frames of the groupboxes and the tabs --although I usually don't like "hanging" tabs. Even if it isn't finished, please, send me the sources. I'd like to know how you succeeded in colorizing the whole groupbox and tabbar backgrounds. The way you manage the grouping of the toolbuttons should also be interesting to understand --amongst other things. Styles that don't look like Plastik are too rare to be left in the dark. Release! Release! ;-)

(c) MXLS(r)(tm) (Patent pending)
We're living in a free world, ain't we?

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 Urgent bug fix!

 by Maxilys on: Apr 26 2006
Score 50%

Please reload and rebuild! The previous 0.6 release contained a bug that makes the Control Center explode.

I did extensive tests but not with absolutely all tabs of all modules of the Control Center. A (real) bug escaped my tests.

Everybody, say thanks to Michael (MorgenRot) for poking his finger where it hurt. ;-)

(c) MXLS(r)(tm) (Patent pending)
We're living in a free world, ain't we?

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