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 Aug 26 2016  
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Theme/Style for KDE 3.2 +

Score 74%



Link:  http://
Downloads:  25639
Submitted:  Mar 4 2006
Updated:  Feb 8 2007


Serenity is a soft and quiet theme to ease your mind, with a lot of options to make the Serenity yours.

All I wanted to do was to remove as many lines as possible from the widgets in order to avoid the "recursive frames effect" in Konqueror. I did just a little more. ;-) And I also did my best to support dark colorschemes.

To install from sources, see INSTALL file in the archive.


RPM packages updated.

- Bugfix for KDM.

- Configuration dialogs re-designed to be lighter i.e. faster to render.
- All the colorschemes I ever made for Serenity (25) are now included.

1.7 Style:
- The character used in the password entry boxes in now a big dot instead of the asterisk.
- Scrollbars and sliders do not sink under a mouse click any more.
- Tabbar improved with new gradients and new colors. Four styles are now available for both the active and inactive tabs.
- Tabs are a bit less busy. They now only change of color under the mouse.
- Menubar slightly changed with new gradients and new colors. Six styles are now available.
- Gradient menubars are now a bit less busy too.
- Textboxes (which include also editable comboboxes and spinwidgets) can now be highlighted when they have the focus. (That's more visible than only the blinking cursor.)
- The popup sub-menu delay can now be raised up to 1 sec. (That gives you the time to *feel* you have to click to let a sub-menu appear.)
- Serenity now has its own brightness routines so that you can have white buttons. (Still doesn't work perfectly with black buttons.)
- The frames in Kontact are back. (Grumble, grumble...)

1.7 Decoration:
- Partial re-design of the configuration dialog to give you a better control over the colors of the buttons and their symbols. You can even set the power of the eventual color mixes used.
- You can now also set the color of the buttons when pressed.
- The standard highlight color is now available for both the hovered and activated buttons.
- Four titlebar style are now available: No background, solid background (both as previously), solid top and softer edge.
- The windec also got brightness routines similar to the ones of the style so that the buttons all look the same.

SUSE(My RPM for OpenSuSE 10.1)
SUSE(RPM for SUSE 9.3, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2)
Gentoo(ebuild file)
(Mirror site)
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 debian packages

 by pusling on: Mar 14 2007
Score 50%

It is now possible (and have been for osme days) to download serenity in debian off debian experimental. It will be available from unstable (same packages) when debian etch is released.

(How do I get my 'half' title bars back as I had in version 1.4 ?)

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 Re: debian packages

 by Maxilys on: Mar 15 2007
Score 50%

Well, if by "half titlebar" you mean the B2/BeOS titlebar style, sorry but it has disappeared since version 1.6. Too troublesome...

And thanks for the Debian packages. However, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to post a link here. ;-)

The story behind Serenity style (and more): http://maxilys.blogspot.com
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 Re: Re: debian packages

 by pusling on: Mar 16 2007
Score 50%

I might mean the beos/b2 style. It was kind of cool. I put a virtual vote on 'please get it back'

The packages can in debian easiest be obtained by apt-get -t experimental install kde-style-serenity kwin-style-serenity

alternatively, the packages can be found on http://ftp.XX.debian.org/debian/pool/main/k/kde-style-serenity/
where XX fits a two-letter abbrevation for your country, eg. de for Germany and us for USA

Happy serenitying


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 Scrollbar type

 by smileaf on: Mar 23 2007
Score 50%

been playing around with the scrollbar types and have run into something rather odd.
The type "Arrowless" would be more appropriately called "Buttonless" as you add the arrows to the bar.
personally I was rather bummed as I'd rather it be Arrowless and Buttonless having only the bar visible.
So as a feature request I purpose having the option of a scrollbar type "Buttonless" and an option to have the arrows be always visible, invisible, or visible on hover for all scrollbar types.

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 Re: Scrollbar type

 by Maxilys on: Mar 26 2007
Score 50%

Good point. I don't know why I used the expression "Arrowless" instead of the more correct "Buttonless". Maybe it sounded better to my french ears... Or more probably because arrowless scrollbars were actually without arrows before I put them back on the slider.

I will change the label.

And I will think about an option for the visibility of the arrows. I find them nice on the slider but it could also be nice to be able to make them really disappear. Wait and see...

The story behind Serenity style (and more): http://maxilys.blogspot.com
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 Crashing Ksplash

 by ltmon on: Mar 28 2007
Score 50%

In the latest Kubuntu Feisty beta, ksplash crashes when using both Serenity and the Kubuntu splash theme. I don't know who's to blame :) but here's what happens:

$> ksplash
$> X Error: BadIDChoice (invalid resource ID chosen for this connection) 14
Major opcode: 156
Minor opcode: 17
Resource id: 0x3a00108
ksplash: Fatal IO error: client killed

Let me know if there are any other diagnostics I can provide you with.

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 Re: Crashing Ksplash

 by Maxilys on: Apr 1 2007
Score 50%

Hmmm... Looks like an error from KSplash which doesn't speak politely enough to the X Server... which angrily replies "X Error".

Since I fixed Serenity for KDM, I use it and I've never encountered a problem, not even with the Moodin engine that I'm using now. (A quick search told me that it is included in Feisty. I don't know if it is used though.)

I'd suggest to look closely at the X logs if they tell more. And to send me the Kubuntu splash theme that should be in $KDEDIR/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/. (Whether it's pure KSplash or Moodin, I'll be able to see for myself what's going on.)

The story behind Serenity style (and more): http://maxilys.blogspot.com
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 Re: Re: Crashing Ksplash

 by ltmon on: Apr 3 2007
Score 50%

Well it seems to have been fixed in a recent update.

FYI: It is a moodin splash screen, but other moodin splash screens were working fine.

Thanks in any case,


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 Love it!

 by padde on: Jun 14 2007
Score 50%

Great style! :)

And it's in Gentoo (through Sunrise overlay - you should advertise that :) )


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 Possible bug?

 by smileaf on: Jun 18 2007
Score 50%

in kicker when you have multiple windows of the same app open they group, click one to show the list.
For some reason whenever I hover over the entries the highlighted entry's text turns to white and the entry is not highlighted. if you throw the mouse around a bit you might notice a very slight flicker of color where the entry is getting highlighted then immediately changed back.
This is a problem for me as white on a light blue/gray is practically impossible to see.

And I just figured out the cause. I've made my Menus translucent. Disabling this makes the issue go away.
Oddly enough tho this bug doesn't happen anywhere else but in kicker's grouping menu.

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 by pusling on: Nov 4 2007
Score 50%


Are there any plans/efforts to make a kde4 version of serenity?


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 Re: kde4

 by Maxilys on: Nov 28 2007
Score 50%

Yes, of course there are plans for Serenity on KDE 4. I'm waiting for a... hmmm... more usable KDE 4 before to start porting.

The story behind Serenity style (and more): http://maxilys.blogspot.com
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