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 Aug 27 2016  
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Window Decoration native KDE 3.2 +

Score 52%



Link:  Link
Downloads:  3600
Submitted:  Jan 6 2005
Updated:  Jun 14 2007


Fitz is a window decoration for KDE that allows you to work (or play) faster.

Unlike other decorations, Fitz does not have a titlebar above the window; instead, it puts the buttons in the menubar. As a result, Fitz lets you get to a menu item by ramming your mouse into the top of the screen. If you click on the window frame, the mouse will jump down into the middle of the menubar and Fitz will generate a click. This effectively puts the menubar at the top of the screen like Mac OS does.

To install Fitz from source code, download fitz-0.4.tar.bz2 and run the following commands:

md5sum fitz-0.4.tar.bz2
# d60b460b27603ce633630b50e581e989
tar -xjf fitz-0.4.tar.bz2
cd fitz-0.4
sudo make install

There's more information about fitz at http://fitz.sourceforge.net .


0.1: Initial release.
0.1.1: Added configuration option to turn off automatic maximize.
0.2: Added titlebars.
0.3: Dialog windows (see screenshot 2)
0.3.1: Fixed resizing bugs.
0.4: Made it look less ugly.

(source code)
Ubuntu(ubuntu feisty package)
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 Compile error

 by ecormier on: Feb 20 2005
Score 50%

I get this error at the end of running ./configure:

checking for size_t... no
checking size of size_t... 0
checking for unsigned long... no
checking size of unsigned long... 0
checking sizeof size_t == sizeof unsigned long... no
configure: error:
Apparently on your system our assumption sizeof size_t == sizeof unsigned long
does not apply. Please mail kde-devel@kde.org with a description of your system!

I assumed it was a prob with KDE-dev libs and updated them with no luck. Has anyone seen this...how do I fix it..or bypass it (it's not the first time I've seen it)

Any help greatly appreciated.

happy new Linux user
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 by uddw on: Mar 27 2005
Score 50%

I stumbled over your window decoration after submitting http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=102607.

I asked for a way to embed the menu bar into the title bar of an application. Unlike your window decoration, this can't work without support by kdelibs, but on the other hand there is the mac os style menu alreay, so why not introduce another lavour, which is more pleasing for non-mac-users. Votes welcome ;)

Rearding your window decoration - is it possible to have no border at the top at all, so that I hit the menu bar automatically without this somewhat weird auto-jump feature? Because the way it is now, the click-drag-release method of using menus doesn't work.

The second think is the missing title. Without a title at all, it might be cleaner solution to put the window buttons on the right/left hand side of the window, like SideKap (http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=2050).

Maybe you could guess the amount of unused space in the menu bar by looking at the pixels right in the row right below to lower bound of our window buttons. Very often there might be enough room for the title - and with it a nice bar to move the window without using the keyboard.

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 Re: Nice!

 by jeffreym on: Jul 24 2005
Score 50%

Rearding your window decoration - is it possible to have no border at the top at all, so that I hit the menu bar automatically without this somewhat weird auto-jump feature?

There are two problems with no border:
1. Most applications ignore a click on the top two or three rows of pixels. I would still need the auto-jump, or I at least need to forward the mouse button presses to the application when the user presses down. (Right now it forwards the click when you release the mouse.)
2. You have to be able to resize the window. Is a click and drag on the top border a resize or the user selecting a menu item? I may be able to look at the menu as you suggest below and figure out where there are menu items and where there is empty space. If there is empty space, treat it as a resize.

After using fitz for almost a year, I rarely use the auto-jump feature.

The second thing is the missing title.
I fixed that in version 0.2, which was released today.

Without a title at all, it might be cleaner solution to put the window buttons on the right/left hand side of the window, like SideKap.

I thought about that, but I like to have toolbars on the left and right side of my desktop. (see screenshot 2)

Maybe you could guess the amount of unused space in the menu bar by looking at the pixels right in the row right below to lower bound of our window buttons.

I've thought about trying to guess if I'm over the menu, and if I am, putting the titlebar above the window like normal window decorations. This would make the gimp quite a bit more usable.

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 new version

 by jeffreym on: Jul 24 2005
Score 50%

In this new release, I've added titlebars, which makes it much easier to move
windows around. It has some minor internal changes.

I'd like to get some feedback from yall about the title bar.

Should there be an option to replace the window caption with a move button?

Is the backwards italic text in the window caption too hard to read? If it
were not slanted, it would be easier to read, but look worse.

At the moment, I only show the part of the caption before the first " - ".
This removes the name of the application (since you probably already know which
program you're running). If anyone runs into a case where this actually causes
a problem, I'd like to know.

Should it crop the title to a certain number of characters so that the menu is
less likely to get covered up?

Does anyone use the auto-jump feature? I thought I would, but I only use it
for the buttons in the button bar.

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 Re: new version

 by criticalmax on: Jul 27 2005
Score 50%

I like this windeco a lot. I am using it at work.


Title text: This would be better without the slant, it makes the fonts very ugly...

Title truncation: Yes please. With Thunderbird windows, long email subjects cover up the menus. Truncating it at a reasonable length (30-40 chars?) would be great.

Auto-jump: this is what attracted me to the windec, it is great because it is the only way I've found to get the Mac menu behavior on a GTK app. (this is solved already for KDE apps with the "Mac menu bar" kicker applet.)

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 by tomoe on: Aug 24 2005
Score 50%

i liked fitz a lot even in v0.1 but now it`s really cool... i wanted to hint that you could make an extra button which is only there for dragging the window .. but since you now implemented a title that`s also a very good solution ...
thx for this awsome windec

lol internet
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 by MamiyaOtaru on: Sep 11 2005
Score 50%

I tried something like this with windowblinds once, with a similar goal in mind.

It hasn't been quite as urgent with KDE since KDE can do the Mac style menus already (though gtk and plain Qt apps don't follow along. I guess with this they could). Which leads me to wonder, what happens with Fitz + Mac style menus? I guess the buttons get shoved into the top toolbar instead? Not that using both has much sense, just sayin :)

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 by guerrier on: Nov 7 2005
Score 50%

ok i installed fitz and it looks great, howerver some menus of xemacs are now "hidden" under the titlebar. Neverthless i'll continue to use this window decoration.
Keep up this great work.

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 Re: titlebar

 by jeffreym on: Nov 8 2005
Score 50%

Grr... If the left side of the window is less than 400 pixels from the left side of the titlebar, Fitz is supposed to use the new dialog style window, but sometimes it doesn't. I'm working on fixing it right now and when I have something that works, I'll release fitz-0.3.1 sometime this week.

You may be able to uncover the window in emacs by resizing the window just a little. If that works, I strongly reccomend you upgrade to the new version of fitz when it comes out. If that doesn't work, use vim. (Just kidding.)

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 Re: Re: titlebar

 by guerrier on: Nov 10 2005
Score 50%

Ok i saw that resizing the windows solves the problem, at least for emacs (realized it 10 seconds after i posted the message...)
But there is another problem; i'm working in a xinerama environment (1600x1200 and 1024x168) and on the 1600x1200 screen everything works now fine but on the other screen when i browse on a site with konqueror which has quite a long title, i don't see some menus. Anyhow i'll continue to use this decoration.
Perhaps a solution would be to cut some of the title if windeco superposes menus (nobody cares about the whole title, only first or first two words are important)?

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