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 Aug 27 2016  
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Window Decoration native KDE 3.2 +

Score 74%



Link:  http://
Downloads:  51760
Submitted:  Dec 19 2004
Updated:  Jan 26 2005


Crystal-GL is the next generation of my crystal window decoration theme.
By using OpenGL to render itself, it simulates refraction and light mapping! Check out screenshots! NOW!

I name the deco HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL! Don't blame me, if it brakes your computer into two, if it crashes kde or makes it unusable. THIS IS BETA, NO WARRANTY.
If it breakes kwin, even on startup, remove your ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc file, to reset the kwin settings to default.

WARNING: You need to have write access to the 3D acceleration device, if exists. I.e.: /dev/dri/* or /dev/nv*. Otherwise the deco or kcontrol may crash.

It looks very similar to crystal, but has more eye-candy and smooth animations.

* Grabs your wallpaper and simulates bended glass, little lighting. You are able to specify the ior. ;)
* Support for button themes. Feel free to swamp me with cool themes. :D The themes are the same than the ones in crystal.
Knifty button theme by Enso

* Needs a working GL subsystem!!! Don't blame me, if yours is broken!
* Be careful on nvidia systems, if under load, the gl subsystem may become *real* slow, so my deco.
* Needs KDE >=3.2 and QT>=3.2 to compile.
* May be slower than any other deco
* May be fat
* May make you drool, and you might forget to eat, sleep or even breath!

-- INSTALL -------------------------
Basic Installation (from the console):
- Step 1
$ ./configure
OR: $ ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`
- Step 2
$ make
- Step 3 (as root)
# make install

If configure fails, check that you have both the Qt and KDE development headers installed. If you used a previous version before, you need to restart kde to use the upgraded version.

Please give some feedback or tell me some improvement suggestions.
I would be very happy about some packages, like for Mandrake, Debian, Suse, Redhat, etc! PLEASE DON'T POST PACKAGES AS NEW CONTENT, just notify me and mail it to me, and I'll host them.

PROVIDED PACKAGES MAY NOT BE UP2DATE! Check out versions number!

Thanks to bitwit for each others help with the GL-deco stuff!

Enjoy! :)

Check out crystal (non-gl) at:

Sascha Hlusiak


* All packages up to date now

* Made look antialiased caption damn good. Enabling this is RECOMMENDED now!
* Fixed menu button image bug
* Split up rendering process into four for each border. Maybe speed up or (most likely) speed down. :-/ Should fix nvidia-slowdown-bug on maximized windows.
* Added feature: "Scroll" through windows, by using the mouse wheel on the title bar, as well as an option in the configuration dialog to disable this immediately :>
* Improved config dialog a little

* Added extreme slick "handpainted" button theme (thank you, Marco)
* Fixed some bugs, which almost drove me crazy on my notebook.
* Little speed up in the initialization
* Improved my "button-rendering-engine" a lot. Now button tinting uses GL, too.
* Added more options for button tinting.
* Added option to make the hover effect fade
* Added option to disable the transparency feature completely (don't dare!)
* Added information of direct rendering and glx version to the control center preview
* Got rid of some unneccessary code, probably put in a lot of more unneccessary code.
* Added a benchmark feature for my internal use (ctrl+alt+shift+RightButton on the title bar)

* Added Knifty button theme (thanks to Enso)
* Fixed buttons
* Little code rearrangement, nothing visible

(SOURCE: crystalgl-0.8.1 (tar.bz2))
(Debian: crystalgl-0.8.1 (deb))
(Mandrake/Fedora: crystalgl-0.8.1 (rpm))
(SuSE: crystalgl-0.8.1 (rpm))
(Slackware: crystalgl-0.8.1 (tgz))
(Gentoo ebuild: crystalgl-0.8.1 (ebuild))
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 by funkyou on: Aug 1 2005
Score 50%

I just installed this...
First tried to compile the source, gave
me an error, but i dont remember what...
I run Ubuntu 5.04 and installed the
Debian-package, and it works like a


i would say:


Lets make a Vista theme
just to shock them :)

Very good work, like it a lot :)

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 by kingnosis on: Aug 11 2005
Score 50%

Looks better than the non-gl version, and windows move more smoothly, too. Really like the titlebar fade-in on window gaining/losing focus. The direct rendering works on my ATI card.

Very very impressive.

Notes on the Gentoo ebuild:
  • I had to move the ebuild into the Portage overlay (/usr/portage). I put it under kde-misc. Masking problems not too hard to figure out.

  • Also, don't forget to add the --digest to the emerge command, such as:
    emerge -av --digest crystalgl
    Otherwise emerge will complain about the missing 'Manifest' file

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 Would it be possible

 by jwagner on: Aug 20 2005
Score 50%

Would it be possible to add a "Desaturate" option (similar to the non-GL crystal) instead of just a color tint? I really like the speed and extra animations of crystal-gl, but just can't get the color just right. It seems that the titlebar and frame is always too dark. Otherwise, great theme!

Pardon me, I think there's a fly in my soup.
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 Tooo bad

 by slightcrazed on: Aug 27 2005
Score 50%

It bombs out on my Slack 10.1 install. Nvidia FX5700 Ultra. I've tried different versions of the Nvidia driver, back to 6229, and none work. Traceback always shows glcore as the culprit, but I'm at a loss as to what the issue may be. Oh well.


I once beat Drizzt Do'Urden at thumb wrestling.
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 Re: Tooo bad

 by slightcrazed on: Aug 30 2005
Score 50%

As always, dig hard enough and you'll find the problem, and the answer. Turns out my user needed to be part of the 'video' group in-order for certain permissions related things to work.

I must say, CrystalGL rocks. Eye Candy galore! And despite the warnings to the contrary, it seems suprisingly stable.


I once beat Drizzt Do'Urden at thumb wrestling.
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 by HobbitHK on: Aug 27 2005
Score 50%

Really awesome! Great job!
Just one thing... RTL words are shown reversed :(
I hope you'll fix this..

Again, Great job!

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 Doesn't work :-(

 by sirtalon on: Sep 15 2005
Score 50%

When I try and use Crystal-GL the decoration never shows up, its always just the last thing that covered it (like if you drag a window over the border it will leave imprints on the border).

Direct Rendering works on my system, and my GLX version is 1.3. GLX gears gives me just under 10,000 FPS, I'm in the video group (another poster had a problem solved by that), I'm currently using version 7676 of the nvidia driver and I just upgrade from 6629 (previous version acted exactly the same way), I have Xorg version 6.8.2, and composite is disabled.

I *think* I tried an older version of CrystalGL on my laptop a while ago (also nvidia card, GLX works on it to), and it acted the same way... hopefully I'm not just cursed!

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 Re: Doesn't work :-(

 by dralgebra on: Sep 15 2005
Score 50%

Sorry, no idea. :( This deco is "broken", I give absolutely no warranty of stability.

You may run 'kwin --replace' in a shell and watch for some interesting output.

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 Re: Re: Doesn't work :-(

 by sirtalon on: Sep 23 2005
Score 50%

"Sorry, no idea. :( This deco is "broken", I give absolutely no warranty of stability.

You may run 'kwin --replace' in a shell and watch for some interesting output."

Well I tried that... and my X server froze! :-D The keyboard stopped working, the mouse could be moved around and it would change icon like normal (though clicking wouldn't do anything, like the keyboard), though amarok kept playing music (so I got to finish listening to a good song :-). Hopefully one day it will work for me, till then I will be using Crystal!

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