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 Aug 30 2016  
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Theme/Style for KDE 3.2 +

Score 73%

Link:  Link
Downloads:  13025
Submitted:  Jun 1 2004
Updated:  Oct 1 2005


MetaTheme is a project dedicated to unification of appearance between different graphics toolkits (currently GTK2, QT and Java).

The program is designed as a thin layer between toolkits and theme engines, creating unified API by which each theme engine can draw. The result is that every application uses the same code for drawing, making the appearance same across different applications. MetaTheme also adjusts behaviour a bit, so the overall effect of unification is impressive.

Please see the new homepage at http://www.metatheme.org/ for more details about this project.


Version 0.0.6 (2005/10/01)

- Styled menubar item, toolbar handle and dropdown item in MSSTYLE
- Fixed drawing of menus and progressbar in MSSTYLE
- Fixed MSSTYLE on 64-bit systems
- Added warning notice to metatheme-install script

Version 0.0.5 (2005/09/01)

- Added Highcolor/B3 theme and MSSTYLE themes loader
- Fixed checking a disabled state of buttons in Gecko-based applications
- Added ability to force MetaTheme in Java applications
- Added support for multiple toolkits in one process
- Improved look of Redmond and Plastik themes
- Styled JSplitPane
- Added basic support for Cairo
- Added support for retrieving information about widget hierarchy
- Added alpha channel to MT_IMAGE

Version 0.0.4 (2004/12/31)

- Initial support for Java/SWING toolkit
- Added three new themes: Plastik XP, Industrial and Flat
- Removed dependency on KDE
- Added ability to revert the order of dialog buttons to normal in GTK2
- Fixed invisible check and radio buttons in Konqueror
- Added basic support for customizing the appearance of texts
- Cleaned C++ binding and QT compatibility layer

Version 0.0.3 (2004/08/23)

- Added configuration tool with ability for on-the-fly switching of themes
- Made MetaTheme reentrant
- Styled toggle button in QT toolbar
- Fixed radio buttons, scrollbars and tooltips in Gecko based applications
- Improved appearance of GNOME toolbars
- Removed drawing of pointless border in Nautilus desktop window
- Other bugfixes and improvements

Version 0.0.2 (2004/07/01)

- New build system
- Fixed bad appearance in GTK 2.4 (some things not done yet)
- Fixed GtkRuler and GtkCurve widgets
- Fixed bugs in Plastik
- Styled check and radio icons in listviews
- Styled QFrame and GtkTearoffMenuItem
- Changed configuration file
- Other bugfixes and improvements

Version 0.0.1 (2004/06/01)

- Initial release.

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 Nice, but...

 by elocal on: Jun 2 2004
Score 50%

The concept looks very nice. I was trying it earlier but it wouldn`t compile, it gave me an error while compiling:

mt_gtk2_draw.c: In function `retrieve_state':
mt_gtk2_draw.c:196: error: label at end of compound statement
mt_gtk2_draw.c: In function `draw_box':
mt_gtk2_draw.c:582: warning: the address of `draw_shadow', will always evaluate as `true'
make[2]: *** [mt_gtk2_draw.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/elocal/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits/gtk2'
make[1]: *** [gtk2] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/elocal/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits'
make: *** [toolkits] Error 2

So I removed "default:" in line 195 of toolkits/gtk2/mt_gtk2_draw.c and it compiled. But gtk2 apps don`t get theme and give an warning when runned from a terminal:

(xchat:1867): Gtk-WARNING **: /home/elocal/.metatheme/toolkits/libmt_gtk2.so: undefined symbol: _gtk_scrolled_window_get_scrollbar_spacing

QT apps seem to work fine tough.

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 Re: Nice, but...

 by jezek2 on: Jun 2 2004
Score 50%

Thanks for bug report.

Can you tell me what version of GTK and GCC do you have?

I've made a patch for the last error you mentioned. You can download it here:


Apply it by running this command in the metatheme directory:

patch -p1 < metatheme-scrollbar-spacing-fix.diff

Though it may not work, depending which other changes your GTK version has.

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 Re: Re: Nice, but...

 by elocal on: Jun 2 2004
Score 50%

I have GCC 3.4.0, and GTK 2.4.1. The patch you posted worked nicely, the theme applied in GTK apps well with no warnings given. The patch didn't fix the error while compiling mt_gtk2_draw.c, which was easily fixed by removing default: in line 195. Other than that it seems to work properly. Nice job.

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 by nomar on: Jun 2 2004
Score 50%

An unified theme engine is something that has been talked about a lot but never really done. Congratulation for being the first (AFAIK) one to change that.
I'll test and perhaps join your Project as soon as I get the broken GTK2 libs on my machine fixed.

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 by akincisor on: Jun 20 2004
Score 50%

How is this different from the gtk-qt engine (http://www.freedesktop.org/Software/gtk-qt)? I am currently using it to have consistency between the two toolkits, and it works with any theme. Please tell me what features MetaTheme has.

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 Re: gtk-qt-engine?

 by jezek2 on: Jun 24 2004
Score 50%

MetaTheme's main goal is to make full unification between all supported toolkits. The full unification means mainly two things: pixel-perfect look and the same or similiar behaviour of widgets between toolkits.

To fulfil this requirement MetaTheme provides through it's API only things that can be fully supported in all supported toolkits. Also each toolkit has a different set of widgets, so using theme engine from another toolkit is not sufficient for full unification.

At this time, MetaTheme supports only QT/KDE and GTK2 toolkits. But in future it will have support for others (like GTK1, Java, Mozilla, OpenOffice, and maybe others).

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 here's my error :)

 by wishmaker on: Jun 29 2004
Score 50%

gcc 3.3.3 / qt 3.3.2 / gtk 1.2.10 & 2.4.0 /
metatheme with the scrollbar-patch
$ make

=== generating dependencies

make[1]: Entering directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/metatheme'
gcc -MM -Wall metatheme.c > Makefile.dep
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/metatheme'
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits'
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits/gtk2'
gcc -MM `pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --cflags` -Wall -ansi -I../../metatheme mt_gtk2.c mt_gtk2_style.c mt_gtk2_draw.c mt_gtk2_patches.c > Makefile.dep
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits/gtk2'
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits/qt'
/opt/qt-3.3.0/bin/moc mt_qt.h -o mt_qt.moc
make[2]: /opt/qt-3.3.0/bin/moc: Command not found
make[2]: *** [mt_qt.moc] Error 127
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits/qt'
make[1]: *** [depend] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wishmaker/metatheme/metatheme-0.0.1/toolkits'
make: *** [depend] Error 2

Just tell me your wish and leave anything else to me... ;)
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 Re: here's my error

 by wishmaker on: Jun 29 2004
Score 50%

sorry, my mistake ;)
just edited config.mk, and corrected the paths. Everytihng went ok :)

Just tell me your wish and leave anything else to me... ;)
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 Thank you!

 by eyecorners on: Aug 24 2004
Score 50%

So long I have been waiting for 0.0.3. Now I am filled with happiness. I love you jezek2!

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 by linmain on: Dec 31 2004
Score 50%

i've been using your theme with firefox now, and it's greatful how it works. it's a much better than gtk-qt. i think you should add your code to freedesktop.org. one error in plastik xp: if you have a frame (that 4-corner thing with a title on top) within a notebook control, then the frame is grey while the notebook is white. that looks ugly.
Nevertheless: your theme is the best

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