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 Aug 27 2016  
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Theme/Style for KDE 4.0

Score 79%



Downloads:  71494
Submitted:  Jul 20 2010
Updated:  Jan 8 2013


Oxygen style and decoration with support for transparency (see screenshots).

This is an official branch of the KDE oxygen style. It is kept in sync with the official oxygen style, and adds support of full transparency on the windows.

The style and the decoration are named "Oxygen Transparent" and appear as such in KDE's system settings (in both the applications and workspace appearance pages).

A configuration helper application is included with the style that allows one to configure both the style and the decoration in the same window. It is called oxygen-transparent-settings.

The provided script, named oxygen-setup.pl is used to:

- get the sources (from git)
- configure them
- compile and install the window decoration and widget style.

important notes

1/ The style (and decoration) should work for recent enough versions of KDE4.

Different versions (branches) must be used depending on your KDE version:

- the KDE/4.8 version works with KDE/4.8 (tested), and possibly some earlier verions (not tested)

- the KDE/4.9 version works with KDE/4.9 (tested)

- the master version works with latest KDE, compiled from git. It may not work with any earlier KDE release.

New versions will be added (KDE/4.10, etc.) when the corresponding KDE4 version is out.

One can switch between branches by running the script and specifying the relevant branch:

oxygen-setup.pl --branch KDE/4.8
oxygen-setup.pl --branch KDE/4.9
oxygen-setup.pl --branch master

By default (when no branch is specified), the master branch is used.

There is a number of additional options available for the setup script. To get a list of them, type:
./oxygen-setup.pl --help

2/ Since March 4th 2011, oxygen-transparent has moved to git.

The project home page is:


You can get the sources directly using:

git clone git://anongit.kde.org/oxygen-transparent

3/ KDE development packages are needed for the compilation to succeed (see below)

Feedback highly appreciated either here on on IRC, #oxygen. (ping hpereira, or hugo)


There are automatic builds linked in the download section which have been provided by others (thanks !).

Only the first download (the script) is maintained by me, it always provide the latest svn version of the code.

Needed packages for installation/compilation

(thanks to MezzeForte for providing the list):

- gcc-c++
- git
- cmake
- kdebase-workspace-dev
- libxrender-dev
- libx11-dev

- Depending on the distribution you have the name of the packages might change a bit

- there are usually more packages needed by the packages above and installed via dependency.

For instance,

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake kdelibs5-dev kdebase-workspace-dev libxrender-dev libx11-dev git

should work on recent enough Ubuntu (thanks to Antelmo for posting. See page5).


Even though oxygen-transparent is not officially part of KDE you can report bugs to https://bugs.kde.org.
You would need to select Oxygen as a product, and Style as a component.

Make sure that "Oxygen-Transparent" appears in the bug title so that it does not get confused with official oxygen bugs.

Posting bug reports at bugs.kde.org is highly recommended rather than posting comments on this page, as it makes my life much easier at bookkeeping.


- synchronized with latest oxygen
- created KDE/4.10 branch
- Warning: if you are using the "master" branch (which targets KDE/4.11), you will have conflicts with oxygen (@KDE) configuration, unless you are also using kde from git repositories
This is due to backward incompatible changes in the configuration code.

- attempt at fixing bug concerning window positionning on screen for multi-screen setup
- changes in version policy. New available branches are KDE/4.8, KDE/4.9, and master. KDE/4.10 branch will be added as soon as the corresponding KDE4 version is released. The "stable" branch has been removed.

- synchronized with oxygen (KDE/4.9)
- fixed crash at exit for virtually all KDE applications

- synchronized with oxygen
- use icon from icon theme for tab-close button
- updated install script to deal with master and stable branch

- synchronized with oxygen
- fixed compilation issues with too old versions of KDE

(setup script)
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 error when install oxygen transparan

 by oemardel on: Dec 11 2012
Score 50%

when I install the transparent oxygen I got an error message like this:

CMake Error at / usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake: 198 (MESSAGE):
Could NOT find KDE4Workspace (missing: KDE4Workspace_CONFIG) (Required is
at least version "4.9.80")
Call Stack (most recent call first):
/ usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindKDE4Workspace.cmake: 70 (find_package_handle_standard_args)
CMakeLists.txt: 7 (find_package)

- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
system cmake-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX = `kde4-config - prefix`-release DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE = / home / unix / Downloads / oxygen-transparent / src> & 1 failed: 256

please solution

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 Re: error when install oxygen transparan

 by HugoPereira on: Dec 11 2012
Score 63%

The log indicate that you are either missing the dev packages for kde-workspace, or have a too old version.
As explained in the page, current branch compiles only with kde from git (which will become kde-4.10)
For anything older (KDE 4.8 or 4.9) select the relevant branch as explained above.
Feedback welcome in case you still have problems.

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 Slight Problem

 by wvcaudill2 on: Jan 9 2013
Score 50%

Hello, I just installed oxygen-transparent via the kde:unstable:playground repo for openSUSE, and I seem to be having a problem opening the workspace appearance window. Every time I try the system settings windows just disappears.

When I try via the terminal, this is the error I get:
systemsettings: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/kde4/kwin3_oxygen_transparent.so: undefined symbol: _ZN17KCommonDecoration15setAlphaEnabledEb

Do you know how to fix this?

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 Re: Slight Problem

 by HugoPereira on: Jan 9 2013
Score 50%

Most likely your version of KDE (and notably kde-workspace) is too old with respect to the latest oxygen-transparent. This one is supposed to work only on most recent KDE (from KDE/4.10 branch, or event git master).

See comments above on how you can get older versions (KDE/4.8 and 4.9)

Hope this helps,


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 Re: Re: Slight Problem

 by wvcaudill2 on: Jan 10 2013
Score 50%

It works perfectly now, thank you for your quick response!

Excellent work!

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 Outlined/Shadowed text

 by plaristote on: Jan 20 2013
Score 50%

Good day !
When the opacity is really low, the text can sometimes become a bit harder to read.
I'm wondering if there is a way to outline the text or to shadow it ? And if not, will there be one, one day ?

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 Bug using kaffeine and video preview on dolphin

 by bfds89 on: Feb 27 2013
Score 50%

The theme is awesome. Thanks for it. It is really beautifull. The only bugs I found were, watching videos on Kaffeine, wich plays sound only and the picture stays still, and this happens also while previewing the video on dolphin.
If anyone knows how to fix this I would be appreciated. Otherwise I have to choose between the ability to play/preview videos (on VLC they work flawlessly btw) or using the transparent theme. It would be best if I could choose both. :P
Despite this bug, this is the best theme Ive found around. Thanks for your work. ;)

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 Re: Bug using kaffeine and video preview on dolphi

 by jacobtey on: Jan 14 2014
Score 50%

"some embedded windows (and notably video players) appear as black (and wont update), and therefore need to be 'black-listed' (which is not acceptable for official KDE code)"

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 Not working with KDE 4.13

 by osinclair on: Apr 30 2014
Score 50%

Hi, after upgrading from 4.11.x to 4.13 the style does not seem to work any more. If I choose the style and set the transparency some active windows will be affected but any new application opened (eg Dolphin) is totally opaque

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 crashes on shutdown

 by MoonDragon on: Aug 4 2014
Score 50%

This theme causes segmentation fault errors in Nepomuk, akonadi and baloo at closedown.
only using this style triggers the errors, other styles don't. The are many instances of bug reports for this, I have had such errors from KDE 4.10 right up to 4.13.3
I'm not sure what's at fault but no progress has ever been made to rectify this, or am I wrong?
If anyone has a fix, pls let me know, cos I really like this style and decoration

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