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 Apr 16 2014  
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Theme/Style for KDE 4.0

Score 75%



Downloads:  2430
Submitted:  Mar 16 2009
Updated:  Jun 19 2012


QuantumStyle is an SVG themable style for Qt 4 and KDE.

Themes are designed in SVG files (e.g. in Inkscape).
It can use :
* a per application theme (in ~/.config/QuantumStyle/appName/appName.svg). Application name is guessed from QApplication::applicationName().
* a user set theme (in ~/.config/QuantumStyle/yourTheme/yourTheme.svg)
* a default theme (embedded into the style)

When drawing a widget, the style first looks for application specific one, then falls back into user set theme, then falls back to default theme.

1. qmake && make
2. copy (or symlink) libquantumstyle.so to (from) your Qt4 styles plugin directory (/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/styles/ for me)
3. Copy (or symlink) inkscape/*.inx and inkscape/*.py to (from) your inkscape extensions directory (/usr/share/inkscape/extentions for me)

Read the documentation in the doc/ directory
Use themeconfig/default.svg as an example

The style should appear on kde style settings dialog and qtconfig. You may run kbuildsycoca4 if not.

* some missing widgets
* No config dialog in KDE
* Drawing glitches for scrollbars when using transparency (Qt Bug ?)
* No RTL support


RC 8
* NEW default theme thanks to Richard Kung under CC-by-nc-sa license
* NEW animated busy progress bars
* FIXED empty combo box size calculation
* FIXED disabled editable combo box
* FIXED missing down arrow on some buttons with drop down menus
* FIXED draw separator on widgets grouped in capsules (helps separate drop down buttons from combos/buttons)
* FIXED capsule frame drawing
* FIXED icon not displayed in editable combo boxes
* FIXED arrow orientation in header sections
* FIXED slider groove drawing

RC 7
* NEW default theme
* NEW QuantumStyle now supports ANIMATIONS ! see the style/default.svg SVG for an example
* NEW config elements can inherit their settings from other elements, thus drastically reducing the size of the theme config file
* NEW completely reworked theme builder
* NEW theme previewer. Run with './qsthemeviewer -style QuantumStyle'
* IMPROVED inkscape extensions : they are now 100% reliable

RC 6
* NEW Inkscape integration : wrote extensions to ease the work of theme designers :
- Extension to generate frames
- Extension to generate interiors
- Extension to generate handled statuses from a normal status interior
- Extension to generate handled statuses from a normal status frame
- Extention to copy a whole frame set into another and change the basename
- Extention to copy a whole interior set into another and change its basename

RC 5
* NEW documentation available for making themes
* FIXED combo box size calculation
* FIXED combo boxes have their own settings instead of mimicking push button ones
* NEW primary support for MDI windows

RC 4
* FIXED double /home/user path when XDG_CONFIG_HOME is found resulting in /home/user/home/user/.config

RC 3
* FIXED themebuilder not correctly saving/restoring fixed/minimum width/height
* improved header support in listviews

RC 2
* Various improvements. Minor changes to the default theme
* FIXED toolbuttons with drop down menus are now displayed correctly

RC 1
* Various improvements
* NEW beautiful default theme
* NEW theme debug mode. Compile QuantumStyle with __DEBUG__ define (see screenshot 2).

* Various improvements in drawing labels (menus, checkboxes, ...) with icons
* Changed in the theme config files PE_IndicatorCheckBox to PE_CheckBox and PE_IndicatorRadio to PE_Radio
* No more crashes (I hope so).

* Menus now have their icons displayed
* Fixed some settings in the themebuilder not being saved/loaded properly

* Code cleanup
* Announcing the Quantum Style Theme Builder that lets you build config files for your themes
* Icons are now displayed in widgets that support them
* Moved config files from ~/.QuantumStyle to ~/$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/QuantumStyle or ~/.config/QuantumStyle if the env variable is not found
* Some widgets can now have constrained or minimum size
* NOTE for users that started making themes : all .svgelement in the config files have been renamed to .element in order to someday support PNGs.

* Code cleanup
* Added theme config files (see default.qsconfig in source directory for an example)
* Now default theme is embedded into the library using Qt resource builder. No need to copy it into your home directory.
* ALL managed elements can have a FRAME, an INTERIOR, INTERIOR MARGINS, TEXT SHADOW.
* Some widgets can be shown in CAPSULES when they are in the same layout.

Source(QuantumStyle source code)
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 QuantumStyle RC 4

 by martinac on: Oct 21 2009
Score 50%

Love this theme, I just installed it for my blogger page and I really love it. Thanks for providing the installation process.

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 by falkTX on: Dec 2 2009
Score 50%

Is this packaged for ubuntu anywhere?
If not, I'll be happy to build it in my PPA.

I really love the possibilities of making my own Qt Theme without C++.
Thanks for the great app!

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 already packaging it

 by falkTX on: Dec 2 2009
Score 50%

can't wait, so i package it already.

It's building as I write, so I still can't say if it is going to work or not.

More info here:

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 ubuntu debs here

 by falkTX on: Dec 7 2009
Score 50%

It complied fine!

Download for 32bit:


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 by caig on: Jan 31 2010
Score 50%

So happy...a new version!!

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 by caig on: Feb 9 2010
Score 50%

Trying to make a theme I thought about interior elements splitted into 9 pieces ~ as for frames, what do you think? From my point of view this can increase the possibilities, I'm thinking about rounded corners in particular.

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 Re: question

 by DexterMagnific on: Feb 10 2010
Score 50%

Well, you can say that your round corners are the frame and this will do the trick.

I'm not sure it is possible to mix a frame with a splitted interior.

The only reason why I had to split the frame into 8 parts is that if not, it will be drawn stretched according to widget size. As we want it to have a fixed size, I had to split it so I can control the drawing.

We have no such a problem with interiors, which can be stretched of course.

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 Re: Re: question

 by caig on: Feb 10 2010
Score 50%

Yes, I tried to make round corners through frames, this is an example of my attempts.


(1) I can't make a simple round frame, so
(2) added background to frame elements.
In (3) a rectangular interior element covers the frame corners, so I tried a round rect interior,
but it's stretched (4).
Between these the better one is the second (adjusting text.margin), but if I try to use a very simple gradient:
(2') doesn't work for normal button height or
(2'') I think it's not possible to set gradients in lateral frame elements that are right in every possible heights.

This is the reason I thought about splitted interior. Or is there another way? I hope.

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 Re: Re: Re: question

 by DexterMagnific on: Feb 11 2010
Score 50%


I try to answer as I understand :
1) I think the problem is that you used lines instead of rectangles (or curves) to draw the frame. The rendering is not correct if you use Inkscape's line tool. Use bezier curve instead.

2) Same as above. The problem is that you used lines.

3) This is because you have set negative interior margins.
Look at 2), it renders correctly

4) Yes, interiors are stretched and its the normal behavior of QS. Interiors should always be rectangular. Round widget are obtained using a round frame, not a round interior.

2') and 2'') I think it is possible to set gradient frame elements. Just make you lateral frame element and interior height the same when drawing them. When they're streched, I hope that the gradient will be proportional and you'll notice no difference (to be verified).

Four your convenience, I'm writing some Inkscape extensions that will help generate frames in the 5 supported modes.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: question

 by caig on: Feb 11 2010
Score 50%

The steps were only a review of my attempts to understand QS and to find a right way, I know they are wrong :)
Interior elements are all rectangles, frames are always paths made with bezier tool. And every object is grouped according to the documentation.
Of course I can draw lateral frame element and interior with the same height, this simplifies the setting of the gradient, but in normal height buttons these objects are drawn so thin (first and second buttons in 2') that they can't show their gradients.
Tools to simplify frames creation are welcomed.

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